Building a boat!

Ruby and Sara went on the first trip with our boat!

The children drew circled windows and then cut the cardboard with the help of our school Caretaker, Mr Sean.

A simple cardboard box turned into our boat. The children were excited to paint the boat with their brushes!


The children painted some waves with their fingers!


We learned that we can use our milk cartons to make boats. Children tried to use their three fingers to hold and cut with a scissors the simple shapes they drew, like triangles and circles



”Stay and Play” Session with Parents


Today we had the chance to welcome the parents and carers of our 2-year-olds in the nursery for a special session. Tanya Cogan from the Children’s Centre helped us to set up a variety of activities that support Early Writing. Parents and children joined in the Mark Making adventure, enjoyed the painting, sand and foam but most of all the company of each other. Every child received a pack of resources and a Guide for Mark Making activities at home.